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"The Husbander Turntable."

Aliens in movies aren't alien enough for me. There I said it :)
This was a pretty quick and mindless sculpt for me, but the inspiration was found primarily with the human nervous system and aquatic biology. I wanted something that looked intelligent but was remarkably alien.

And then in the painting felt ominous, powerful, and intimidating. I called these creatures the "Husbanders" because I imagined them being creatures that evolved a complicated neuro-electric system (like an eel) that allowed them to communicate with each other but also override and control less advanced organisms from a distance. Also I imagined something akin to Carl Sagan's musings about gas-giant creatures (sinkers and floaters) that control the input and output of lighter than air gasses in order to float like zeppelins.

Or you know...gigantic brains ;)

Participant of the CGTrader Digital Art Competition at https://www.cgtrader.com/