My driving interests can be summarized in four words: robotics, dinosaurs, aliens, and science. I am strongly inspired by the beauty, complexity, and horror of the natural world, and accordingly, all my creative works are fueled first and foremost by current scientific research and discoveries. As a professional in the entertainment industry, I’m heavily influenced by movies such as the Terminator, Alien, Robocop, the Matrix, and Avatar, and games such as Mass Effect, Halo, Dead Space and The Last of Us. My goal is to contribute to projects that are as breathtaking and enthralling as the movies and games that have inspired me.


Currently, I’ve been creating concept art for a number of video game projects, and I have a well-established history of teaching art and design at private institutions including CDI College and Syn Studio.  My other notable projects include concept designs, illustrations, and animations for the History Channel’s The Re-Inventors, McGill University’s Science Outreach organization, and the Redpath Museum. Through Exocentric Productions, my independent film production company, I have written, produced, and created concept art for independent film projects including a short film titled The Carrier and a full-length feature titled Redshift, and am currently in the pre-production phase of a second full-length film titled EXT.